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Humbug No. 10

Originally posted on July 2nd, 2021


One thing that has always bothered me about this number is I wish those speech bubbles in the first panel where switched. That's what I get for not planning my text until the end. Also that ghostly figure might be a bit too transparent, I'm glad I fixed that eventually.

This is just silly times. I'm happy I mentioned the family so early on, that's important later.

Leave it to a ghost to make a whole Powerpoint presentation for their potential roommates. Always prepared. I remember finishing this number and after exporting, having a dummy breakdown because I thought I'd messed up the names and could've written Jules' Rules on the presentation. Reader, this makes no sense. It's Robin's. Have I mentioned I used to make these at midnight-ish hours? Really poor planning on my part. Maybe next time I'll show my earlier scripts ie. the visual representation of messy.

Seo law wants funky fresh words so you end up here so: webcomic, comic strip, comic, fun, funny, ghost, ghost stories, Humbug comic, etc

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