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Humbug No. 36

Originally posted on January 12th, 2022


This was uploaded almost 2 weeks after the new year, so maybe that countdown situation was a little confusing, but hey, that's what this blog is for!

2022 was when I decided to make two comic strips every week, so the story is going to pretty much hit speedrun from here on out.

Cat is coming, don't worry.

Before uploading this comic strip I took a little vacation, but I decided to upload something fun during that time, and I made a little scrapbook out of the additional illustrations I'd made, so here it is:

👀 I even added the original dates for each illustration to see if anyone would notice how they reflect some events in the story

Seo law wants funky fresh words so you end up here so: webcomic, comic strip, comic, fun, funny, ghost, ghost stories, Humbug comic, etc.

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