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Humbug No. 35

Originally posted on December 31st, 2021


Heyyyy New Year's content! I don't really remember if this was uploaded on the actual date of Humbug upload schedule or if I made an exception because of the holidays to make a special event thing, but I feel it was a combination of both. Now THIS is the introduction of... a cat! Who we've seen before! but now he's here! More to come.

This was also meant to celebrate the very first illustration I ever made of Jules and Robin, which as continued to be the most used piece of illustration I've ever used. I love it, and wanted to honor that in some way. This would be that illo:


Seo law wants funky fresh words so you end up here so: webcomic, comic strip, comic, fun, funny, ghost, ghost stories, Humbug comic, etc.

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