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Humbug No. 13

Originally posted on July 23rd, 2021


One of my absolute favorite strips I've made. This was when I started playing around with my own script during the sketching and illustrating part, something I continue to do and has made me much happier with the final products. That ghost research board remains a key decorative item in the house, as well as that little recorder.

I loved this one for the following reasons:

  1. It's the thirteenth strip. You know.

  2. I got to play around with outfits! Jules is always a little puzzle when it comes to their outfits.

  3. I got to introduce the everlasting list of questions that never get an answer. One of the key elements of Humbug is that nothing is really set in stone, and Robin's ghostliness is one of those things.

  4. Third panel is one of my favorites. I just asked myself what kind of dumb questions would someone who's had a lot of time on their hands ask and that one was gold.

This is still one of the example comics I like to send out and show people, I think it really captures both characters perfectly. I also think it's one that works well out of context, since Humbug is mostly sequential and a little hard to get into if you join in at a random moment.

There's not a lot I can add about this one in particular, so let's go back to that second reason: Jules' outfit. I realized I hadn't shared any of their character exploration, so here's some sketches:

I still go back to that first picture to get a feel of their expressions and overall style. The design has changed over the course, but those initial drawings have a lot of life in them! Proud of them, for sure.

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