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Humbug No. 16

Originally posted on August 13th, 2021


Woah, a bit of a deja vu here.

For a bit of context, I thought it'd be fun to kind of separate the strip in "chapters". So Humbug kind of moves in groups of 16 strips, and every new group has a new thumbnail, which sadly will not be noticeable here. I also originally wanted to separate these groups with Jules' blog posts, but eventually went against it because their research turned into something more serious, so there's only one more Jules' blog post. Kind of sad, but I found they could get sort of boring, real "previously on Humbug..." vibe. I liked showing their relationship growing through the panels though, so I did end up playing around with that; it also made me actually care about the floor plan of this house, and we eventually get a lot more rooms and views that I feel really help set the vibe of the strip, and each character as well.

I also wanted to play with text boxes instead of writing everything, but that's something that still doesn't really feel right for me. Maybe I should try those sites that turn your handwriting into a font, but I fear I might not like the consistent look of it. A real non-problem if I ever read one.

Anyways, what is your netflix password?

Seo law wants funky fresh words so you end up here so: webcomic, comic strip, comic, fun, funny, ghost, ghost stories, Humbug comic, etc

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