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Humbug No. 19

Originally posted on September 3rd, 2021


Oh man, am I excited about this one. I felt so satisfied with how this turned out, and I believe this one in particular got a bit more traction. I love the idea of ghosts just being able to see all ghost things no matter the medium, in fact, I play around with it a bit more in the future. I also think this gives some more ghost world-building going, and it gives me a bit of leeway to play around with the true intentions of ghosts. Do they or do they not want to be seen? They can choose that. I'll go over that in a while, but for the meantime, I hope this was successful in planting that seed.

In other topics, a small homage to who else but The Ghoul Boys! It is, of course, obvious that at some point I would watch these guys given their amazing storytelling and comedic focus. Truly one of the reasons why I thought writing my own story would be fun. In case you don't know them, the guys on the bottom panels are inspired by Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara (a.k.a. the Ghoul Boys) who started this whole ghosthunting journey on their Buzzfeed Unsolved series of videos.

Nowadays, they have their own thing going on, a production studio called Watcher, and wouldn't you know it, they've revived their ghosthunting journey through a new series called Ghost Files, which premiered this month (actually last week, but I'm stuck in time, help!)

Anyways if you think that sounds fun (and I promise it is) here's the link to the Ghost Files playlist:

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