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Humbug No. 8

Originally posted on June 18th, 2021


So I fear I have to confess something... I don't actually believe in ghosts. I know, I'm sorry, alert the presses. I don't really qualify as a believer, but you bet I have opinions and theories when it comes to the supernatural. Would I like to return (or rather, stay) as a ghost? Maybe, Kinda. I'm not fond of the idea of watching the world as I knew it transform into an unrecognizable version of itself. Huh. And one wonders why I started writing this project. HOWEVER, if I had to believe in ghost (which is kind of the whole point of this story), I really believe they'd be chill like this. Just floating on their own bubble of time/space existence. Kinda cool, most likely incredibly lonely.

If you're wondering what's my opinion on ghosthunters, well... looks like we've run out of time today, join us next time!

In other topics -except not really, as I am still on the supernatural train- there's a little shout-out in this number! That there poster is none other than Chilluminati Mothman comic poster, merchandise of my favorite podcast ever. If there's anyone in this world I'd patiently hear talk about ghouls and aliens, and everything in between, it's these guys. Check it out on Youtube and Spotify!:

Seo law wants funky fresh words so you end up here so: webcomic, comic strip, comic, fun, funny, ghost, ghost stories, Humbug comic, etc.

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